Artist Directory

Abigail Jayne

Abigail Jayne Design is a stationery and design studio founded in Venice, California by textile designer, Abigail Siegel. Her unique painting style is designed to encourage connection and love. Abigail is inspired by the world around her, and as she travels, learns, and evolves her line continues to expand. Abigail believes in keeping snail mail alive and that a beautiful card is always enough! 

Alys Paterson

Alys Paterson is an illustrator and designer, currently based in Bristol, UK. Alys’ work is inherently vibrant and cheerful, reflecting her love of playing around with colour, pattern and composition, and the endless possibilities this presents. Alys loves to use the brightest, zingiest colours, creating busy patterns and decorative scenes. When not drawing, she loves being outdoors in nature, noticing the small wonders of the world.

Aimee Mac

Aimee Mac is a UK based illustrator, designer & textile artist specialising in expressive, vibrant pencil and mixed media works. Inspired by her love of museums, art galleries, antique shops and the countryside -  Aimee loves to illustrate calm landscapes, lush greenery, vast oceans and friendly creatures.

Asta Barrington

Asta Barrington lives in the picturesque city of Bath in southwest England. Her vibrant artwork is inspired by flea market discoveries including vintage printed ephemera, typography, and antique/folk textiles. She also loves drawing birds, flowers, and the myriad of colours and patterns found in nature.

Atelier Mave

Atelier Mave is a Berlin based illustration and surface pattern design studio, founded by Berry Aktuglu with a passion for creating colorful and quirky illustrations and products. Each design starts with hand-drawn lines; has its own playful characters and color combinations that draw Mave's joyful vocabulary. She is particularly inspired by nature, travel, vintage markets and childhood memories. Berry creates work for all sorts of products from textiles, stationery, home design, publishing projects to personal paintings.

Carlos Aponte

Carlos Aponte is an artist, designer and illustrator living and working in New York. His illustrations can be found in publications like The New Yorker and The New York Times. He's an author and illustrator of children's' books, two of which are published by Penguin Random House Books. He recently won a Pura Belpré for illustration and his book “Across the Bay” is one of The American Library Associations most notable childrens’ books for 2020. His next book is a collaboration with the photographer Alex Lubomirski and is set to be published by Candlewick Press in 2022.

Camille Gressier

Camille Gressier is a French art director and illustrator based in Paris. She co-founded the botanical review Blumenhaus with her friend Isabelle Laydier. In addition to this, she has been developing her illustration business for several years, creating illustrations for brands and for her EShop. She likes to imagine objects and their many possible variations, from stationery and prints to ceramics, rugs, cushions, blankets, children's furniture, memory games and puzzles... She loves flowers, colors and patterns.

Clare Youngs

Hello, I am Clare Youngs, an illustrator and designer maker. I trained as a graphic designer and have worked in the industry, mainly in packaging design but have a life long interest in illustration and in particular collaged artworks. I am based in the UK on the beautiful Kent coast. My desire to create has never been stronger than now. I love the whole process, the thrill of a new project, the thoughts and ideas that start as notes and sketches and the satisfaction of seeing my ideas develop into a finished piece. People often tell me that my work puts a smile on their face, this makes me very happy!

Claudine Crangle

Claudine Crangle is a multidisciplinary artist that has been designing and producing greeting cards since the turn of the century. She began her creative explorations with a focus on printmaking, beginning with cards and art prints and later, toying with three dimensional shapes. Today she is the and the author and illustrator of picture books for children – largely inspired by playing with cardboard, paper, found objects and various other materials scavenged from recycling bins where she lives, in Toronto, Ontario.

Colleen Harrington

Colleen Harrington is an American illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. She creates colorful and stylish mixed media art in a variety of media including acrylic, pencil, ink, and digital. Her work is informed by her love of history and fashion and by her background in Art History and Classics. When she’s not making art, she enjoys traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and exploring Oregon’s museums, restaurants, shops, and natural areas. Her work can be seen most recently in Kitchen Table Magazine No. 3.

Curious Manor

A delightful stationery company created by Christina Gliha & Martin Bregman. Christina specializes in illustrating food, fashion, travel & people for various brands and publications like Condé Nast, Moda Operandi, Jones Road Beauty, Issimo and Canada Goose.

Crissie Rodda

Crissie Rodda is an illustrator, award winning textile designer and rainbow maker. She loves eclectic interiors, vintage fabric and spending time in the great New Zealand outdoors - which lucky for her is her backyard. Bright, bold and sometimes unexpected colour palettes are always at the heart of Crissie’s work, which she describes as playful, sweetly sophisticated and ageless. She is inspired by all things nature, mid century design, fashion and her antipodean roots.


Cassandra Ott

Cassandra Ott is an artist and optimist based in Buffalo, NY. Her cheerful and vibrant work brings a pop of color to walls and public spaces, and her line of colorful products help to spark joy in daily life. She loves flowers, rainbows and all the art supplies, and aims to build a brighter and more connected future through a passion for art.

Chelsea O'Byrne

Chelsea O’Byrne (b. 1992) is an artist living and working on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations (Vancouver, BC). She graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2016 with a focus on drawing and illustration. She is the author/illustrator of “If I Were King” (2021) and the illustrator of 6 other children’s picture books to date. She utilizes a combination of traditional and digital media to create textured illustrations with a hand-drawn feel.

Dide Tengiz

I’m an illustrator and picture book maker based in Bristol, UK. I love to bring stories to life and find narratives in the everyday. I love storytelling, and creating a sense of place and feeling in my work using colour and observational drawing. I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and people.

Emily Doliner

Emily Doliner is a freelance surface designer and illustrator based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has two young daughters who inspire her daily with their creativity and zest for life. Emily’s work includes a mix of hand painting, digital illustration, and the occasional collage, and she loves using color in surprising ways. Emily believes strongly in the power of representation, and strives to create work that is inclusive and representative of many different types of people.

Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor’s work is marked by delicate line and painterly applications of colour, employing a nostalgic palette and lighthearted imagery. Her illustrations feel organic with a touch of femininity, finding homes across a variety of products, spanning home goods to fabrics. Escapes to countryside or shoreline and perusals of vintage markets deeply inspire and inform her work. When home, Emily is drawing away in Toronto, quietly creating between the Fashion District and Chinatown.


Erin Mac

Erin MacEachern, better known as "Erin Mac," is an illustrator, designer, and artist-educator based in Lowell, Massachusetts. She's a lover of letterforms. Nothing brings her more joy than crafting witty and unexpected solutions, both in the words she writes and the images she draws.


Folio is a fun-loving stationery design studio based out of Cardiff, Wales and created by self-taught illustrator, Ian Owen. Ian is constantly working on new designs and product launches and striving to live by one of their most popular designs - DREAM BIG!

Hannah Beisang

Hannah Beisang is interested in both the natural world and the world that we create within it. She likes to capture nature and then compliment it with items that relate to our culture and history. Her work celebrates the little moments in a big way. She is not afraid of scale or color and uses both regularly in her work.

Hutch Cassidy

Hutch Cassidy is a creative-led enchanting illustration brand which combines a love for our planet's magnificent creatures and a bold use of colour. All lovingly illustrated with elements of magical realism sprinkled through each design guaranteed to put a smile on your nearest and dearest's faces. You can expect to see many delights of wonder including tigers on magic carpets and beautifully decorated Indian elephants surrounded by starry sky's and palms, all offering a whimsical treat for your friends and family.

Joy Kim

Joy Kim is an Illustrator drawing on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations (Vancouver, Canada). She enjoys capturing the beauty of everyday objects, people, and childhood memories through simple shapes and a clean palette. Themes of the home and beauty in the mundane and simple routine of the everyday are often explored through her work. Her illustrations strive to convey such themes in ways that visually captivates viewers to see and appreciate the ordinary in a different light.

Kath Waxman

Hi there! I'm Kath Waxman, an illustrator and proud mother of three boys. We call the Lilac City our home, a hidden gem where our family's roots run deep for generations. Growing up with my great-grandparents' legacy as Idaho wheat farmers, I learned the value of nurturing connections to the past.

Loose Leaves

Laura Konyndyk is a Canadian illustrator based in Hamilton Ontario – a city that inspires her artistic practice with its mix of natural and urban beauty. Give her a set of watercolour or gouache paint, and she's ready to go! She currently runs Loose Leaves Paper Goods with her sister Julie, and together they seek to create stationery that's joyful, whimsical and timeless. She is currently exploring the world of surface design, and would love to illustrate a children's book one day too.


Leila Simon Hayes

Leila Simon Hayes is an abstract artist, designer, musician and mother from Boston, MA. She’s dedicated to a practice of play and endless possibilities. She works from a meditative place with the intention to slow herself down and to encourage others to do the same. All of her patterns begin as black and white abstract shapes and drawings. They transform with color and different configurations. She’s on a mission to fill the world with more abstraction and play in the objects we surround ourselves with.


Canadian artist, Lisa Finch portrait

Lisa Finch

It’s not every day you can befriend a giraffe, enjoy a bubble bath with five dogs or birdwatch with feathered friends. Canadian artist, Lisa Finch loves to create scenes like these. Inspired by fond memories of childhood summers at a family cottage, along with her passion for animals, old films, and favourite books, her oeuvre is a happy melange of vintage couture, charming animal portraits, beach scenes and cozy interiors. Today Lisa paints in a small studio in her home which she shares with her husband and two dogs.

Marina Castaldo

Marina is an Italian illustrator currently living and working in London, UK. Born and raised in Naples, in the south of Italy, she finds herself inspired by the folklore, the hospitality of people, the warm weather and contrasting and strong colours. She is fascinated by the nature, the daily life and all types of emotions, expressed in her art with abstract shapes and vibrant colours. She describes her work process as being very spontaneous, natural, and ever evolving.

Natasia Makes

Natasia Makes is a female-owned, Canadian design studio serving up fun paper goods for fun people. She uses her products to share her personal stories and experiences and hopes to empower others to see the positive in their situation and feel a little less alone. Natasia’s vibrant style is full of playful contrasts. She pairs abstract elements with representational elements, clean geometry with spontaneous textures, and vibrant and rich colours with muted, natural colours. Her work reflects a cheerful perspective and view of the world while invoking feelings of joy, empowerment and curiosity.

Other Hat Design

Vancouver based artist and stationary sales rep, Ester Power, has been living and breathing greeting cards in Canada and Europe for over 30 years. Her favourite mediums are watercolour, ink and coloured pencil. She uses all the colours of the rainbow and gathers her inspirations from nature, travel and the people she meets along the way. She interprets the world around her through humour, heart and colour.


Paige & Willow

Paige & Willow is an independent stationery company founded in Montreal, Canada by graphic designer Ketlin Martins. All of her designs have the perfect balance between being romantic with a hint of femininity with fun illustrations and floral patterns. All illustrations are hand painted and digitally created by Ketlin. Paige & Willow strives to create beautiful cards and other paper goods while spreading love one card at a time.


Pen + Pillar

Born from passions of art and philanthropy, Pen+Pillar is owned and operated by wife and husband team, Taylor and Justin Mahlke. Art should bring joy and light to your life, and it's Taylor's aim to create pieces that evoke a sense of life and adventure. Pen+Pillar holds firmly to the belief that everyone deserves to feel safe, and should be afforded the opportunity to succeed. Art has an amazing power of influence, so they believe it should be used boldly and as a force for good, and encourages a community that believes the same.

Poet And Painter

Artist Lucy Creed established Poet and Painter in 2015 to showcase her award-winning artwork as greetings cards, featuring humorous verse written by her good friend and popular British poet Trevor Parsons. Lucy went on to develop the line to include more of her own humour and bold illustration. In 2017 Lucy was joined by her old art school sidekick and wordplay aficionado Bryn Dineen, and they quickly discovered that the combination of Lucy’s twitching paintbrush with Bryn’s break speed wit created something special.


Poppy Tong

Poppy Tong is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, based in Toronto. Through her work, Poppy strives to facilitate moments of pleasure, wonder and exploration. Her practice is characterized by her love of colour, food, its consumption and rituals, as well as the everyday.

Rachel Joanis

Rachel is the artist and founder behind Rachel Joanis Illustrations, an online print shop based in Toronto. All artwork is created and designed by Rachel, who also works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. As a female artist, she understands the importance of representation, and the significance of seeing yourself reflected in art and media. The majority of her work focuses around women, and promoting different ethnicities and body types, to help further inclusivity and promote equal representation.

Salli Swindell

Salli S. Swindell is an illustrator, cat lover and entrepreneur living near Cleveland, Ohio. Her daily mantra is to Stay Colorfully Creative, which began as a way to stay buoyant during the cold gray days of an Ohio winter and has continued on to become an everyday practice. She begins every day drinking coffee at the counter with her 19 year old cat while creating a colorful illustration. Salli and her brother Nate Padavick are the founders of several online creative communities based on the founding principal; to promote and showcase the work of illustrators all around the world.

Shira Sela

Shira Sela is a Montreal based artist, designer and illustrator. Shira's work tells stories inspired by her love of people, nature & vintage aesthetics. She loves using unexpected color combinations to create work that is both playful and expressive. Shira's work has been featured on television, books and magazines, and exhibited in Galleries in North America, Europe and Australia.

Tine Modeweg-Hansen

Growing up in the suburbs of Copenhagen and Montreal, Tine was usually found drawing and making crafts. She published her first picture book while in grad school at Designskolen Kolding in Denmark. To date, she has illustrated for many Canadian magazines and for 20 books, earning a place on the prestigious IBBY Honour List. Her artistic tools of choice these days are ink, scissors, tracing paper and pencil. Tine runs a shared studio space in Montreal’s leafy Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood, a few blocks from the triplex where she lives with her family.