A Visit With Chelsea O'Byrne

Image of Artist Chelsea O'Byrne, she is working in her studio painting with watercolours.

Artist and author Chelsea O'Byrne is a creative person to the core. From childhood she remembers ‘constantly drawing or singing or playing with musical instruments’.
She tells us when chatting that she's always dreamed of having a creative career. 

She goes back-and-forth between using traditional techniques and digital, but more often leans towards paper and pencil. ‘It can be very freeing to embrace the mistakes and unexpected outcomes of traditional media’ she states.

This mindset has helped the Emily Carr university graduate earn exciting opportunities. Not only has Chelsea created illustrations for publications such as The Walrus and The Globe and Mail, but has recently written, illustrated, and published her very first book If I Were King.

Image of children's book, If I were King. Written and illustrated by Chelsea O'Byrne.

Her past as a children's art teacher is a large source of inspiration for the Vancouver based artist, bringing her illustrations a sense of whimsy. When a random idea appears in her mind, she'll honour it - and sometimes that passing thought turns into something great! 

We're so excited to introduce to you this special collaboration with Chelsea O'Byrne.