Our Story

Image of Tory Wright, founder of both Halfpenny Postage Greeting Cards and Paper E. Clips Inc. Stationery and greeting card wholesale. Tory is a woman, she is sitting on a light wooden desk in a bright white room. She is looking out the window and above her on shelves are books, artworks and trinkets.

Halfpenny Postage is a design studio and greeting card publisher founded by Tory Wright (Paper E. Clips Inc.) and based in Toronto, Canada. Humour and kindness are at our core, and we feature designs and illustrations by renowned artists from all over the world.

The name 'Halfpenny Postage' was inspired by Tory’s British heritage and celebrates the smallest stamp ever made in the UK – the halfpenny stamp. Each one of these little stamps cost half a penny, and was paid for in the 1800s with a formerly used British coin called a ‘Halfpenny’ - pronounced ha’penny | hey-puh-nee | ‘heipni’.

Since launching in 2016, we’ve grown from producing just a few curated collections to releasing over 200 new designs every year. Our products can be found in thousands of retailers (Indigo, McEwan Foods, Mastermind Toys) across North America.