Dancing into 2022

Watercolour illustrated cocktails on a transparent background. Drawn by artist Abigail Jayne.

And so, we say goodbye to 2021. 
 One overused word this past year has been pivot. Instead, I'm now using the word pirouette. We've all pirouetted gracefully through this year, and whirled our bodies from one circumstance to the next. 
The past two years may have sent us a series of challenges, but it's allowed us all a little more time to consider what really matters and is of value. Friends and family remind us of connections that nourish us. Nature reacquaints us with past loves: music, art, dance, sports. 
Will it be a better year? Fingers crossed. Whatever it brings, we know we've been pirouetting through the last two, dancing as fast as we can, so we'll easily face the music of 2022.