Alys Paterson

Halfpenny Postage X Uppercase Magazine
A gif of bright unique patterns all illustrated by the artist Alys Paterson.

Alys Paterson has lived in many places stretching across Ireland and the UK. Ever since finishing her studies at art school, she's settled in the fantastically vibrant city of Bristol. Alys studied art in Cornwall where dramatic landscapes infused with myth and legend allowed her creative energy to blossom. In time, Alys has her sights set on moving to the countryside where a garden and beehive could thrive. 

Three scalloped edge greeting cards designed by artist alys paterson. First card is red reading 'Thanks a Million' Second is yellow reading 'Merci Beaucoup' Third and final is bright pink reading 'Birthday Love'

Alys began drawing and making things from a very young age. Creativity was encouraged at home by her Mom (an artist and art teacher) and Dad (a poet). Her personal interest in literature and science is visible in her playful illustrations with sharp, purposeful shapes, anatomically correct creatures and fun typography. 

Typography illustrations by artist alys paterson - moving image

“I find inspiration everywhere” Alys says, “I love the natural world; it's endlessly inspiring - the colours and patterns, the variety of species of everything.”. Other sources of inspiration and enjoyment for Alys include books, poetry, music, art, theatre, comedy, and being with family and friends; saying “I always come away from being with friends full of ideas and energy.”.

Two cards with bright patterns, each pattern is colourful designed by artist alys paterson. Each card has a window on the front revealing a message on the inside.

Alys loves working with brightly pigmented gouache paint in her creations because she finds the computer can make her art feel too ‘perfect’ when really making a mess is where the magic happens with her work. 
It's easy to get lost in her work, the bright colours and saturated tones make for happy and exciting pieces. We're so pleased to be working with Alys! You can shop her wonderful collection on our website now.