Clare Youngs
On a recent and much longed for visit to England I travelled to Broadstairs to visit with Clare Youngs and her husband Ian.  Broadstairs is a Victorian seaside village which up until the 1950’s was one of the most popular...
New Year, New Page
At the beginning of each year, I look forward to opening my new planner. The clean, blank, pages speak to me of promises to come and adventures to be had.
Dancing into 2022
One overused word this past year has been pivot. Instead, I'm now using the word pirouette.
12°C Mostly Cloudy
Every morning I light at candle at breakfast as the Swedish do. As an early riser I'm often in the dark, my candle and coffee keep me quiet as I plan my day.
Michela Sorrentino
Serendipity, is an interesting word “the phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for”.
Alys Paterson
Alys Paterson has lived in many places stretching across Ireland and the UK. Since finishing her studies at art school, she's settled in the vibrant city of Bristol.