New Year, New Page

At the beginning of each year, I look forward to opening my new planner. The clean, blank, pages speak to me of promises to come and adventures to be had. At the front of each diary are the hopes for the year ahead, hopeful musings on how the year might go. 

Leucctturm 1917 journal in bright blue, on a pink background.
Leuchtturm 1917 - Tory's first choice for Notebooks

Lists of books to read and places to visit have been transferred from year to year. Many have been scratched off, but some remain. How many promises from the previous year have been kept? Have I started to learn French? Did the paints come out of their case? Did I get up every morning and write for an hour before the day broke over me in emails and conversations? Did I finally get the license I need to drive my scooter, now 7 years old? Are the cracks fixed in the house and will I really buy a wetsuit for winter swimming? 
Four journals placed on a blue box in some kind of alleyway. Each one a different bright colour.
Moleskine - For the lover of a classic Notebook

Yes, no, and almost are the answers. What is clear though as I flip through the pages of the previous year’s daily, weekly and monthly tasks – I can see so much has been achieved, much more than I possibly hoped for. 
Stack of fabric pattern notebooks, in brightly dyed colours. By Cambridge Imprint
Cambridge Imprint - for the lover of a gorgeous cover

I've made new friends, seen new places, made new things and lived another good year. Now I have a bundle of new ideas for this year. The blank pages of this new diary will be filled with events and adventures. I can hardly wait to start filling in the blanks as I take on these first few weeks with a steady hand and my new pen.

Tory Wright