Snowed in for Christmas

A storm came to visit this Holiday. A storm to beat all, howling winds of 100km, ice filled waves crashing the shores of Prince Edward County, Ontario. All roads were closed and for many the power was out. Any plans made for the break were smashed and left stranded in seats at the airport, train station and bus depot. 

Image of snowed in home in Picton Ontario, in DecemberImage Courtesy of @christineflynnart

Once again we resorted to Zoom conversations, improvising with slightly strange holiday meals 
and endured hours of stillness. 
The 2020’s are testing us and maybe teaching us, showing that sometimes even the best laid plans can fail. The years are sharing with us that disruption is normal, and with it can come clarity of what is important. 
As I sat and contemplated this crazy Christmas, I knew I would fondly remember the dinners by candlelight, the conversations flickering amongst flames and the friendly notifications of friends wishing us well and calling out “Merry Christmas” from all corners of the world. 
I feel that we can take whatever the New Year plans to throw at us. With friends at our sides and the skills honed by moments of disruption we are ready for 2023. 

Image of family
Tory Wright (pictured third from left) and Family

Warmly, Tory Wright