Barbara Lee is the creator of "Crayon Rocks". Although they’ve been developed for little hands, we find these crayons just beautiful as objects. They are lovely when simply displayed in bowls or jars and are easily kept at hand to inspire creation in anyone.

Every Hadley Paper Goods design starts life as an original artwork: a collage, drawing or print. These vibrant and exuberant designs inspired us the moment we saw them. Like life, they’re not one size fits all and we love them for that. 

Lime Tree Design began with the founder Kate Barker, her love of vintage jewellery and passion for making the everyday beautiful. Along the way Julia, Ella, Tracey and Celia joined, and her new creative needlework team went on to design the lavender products that we love. The lovely sardines and birds in Liberty fabrics are beautiful and add that small touch of beauty to any sweater drawer or pillow. Her pocket squares will turn any ordinary suit wearer into a dandy.

PEC Studio has partnered with Joni Ulman Lewis of Visual Treats in the USA, and with Arla Designs in Canada to release a unique photographic collection. The vintage images and sharp captioning make a perfect pairing for a laugh-out-loud celebration or a sly wink to those everyday foibles that make all of life memorable and funny.

Undercover is a company that loves to live for leather. They have been livening up the world of leather accessories for over twenty years. They started out with hand-made notebooks and that's where the name Undercover comes from. It's an enduring passion for leather and a commitment to creativity that has driven them to bring to life the vivacious collection we see today. All their goods are handcrafted by handpicked artisans in Britain. As they say. “Shame the mundane with our beautifully bespoke British anti-boredom accessories”.